Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekly Health Update

Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the 'Titanic' who waved off the dessert cart. ~ Erma Bombeck

This quote seriously made me chuckle but there is some truth in it as well. While I have been watching closely what I put into my body these days and making sure that it is for fueling purposes as opposed to just eat for the sake of eating, I have found that I can be a tad bit obsessive about counting calories and such. I think I needed to get to that point to break myself of some really bad habits and some of them are easier to break still than others, but I also know that I can allow myself to have a treat here and there and enjoy it without it really affecting me. 
So, this week was better for me than last. I lost 4 lbs this week!!! WOOT!! I reached 20lbs and I feel so great! The only thing that I can think of is that I started circuit training a little bit this week. By that I mean, walking/running on the treadmill, getting off, doing crunches, or triceps dips and then hopping back on the treadmill and going again. I think this may have moved things along. I am really starting to notice it in my clothes and my belly is certainly shrinking!!! I really am beginning to notice a difference and I like it. My energy levels are high and that makes me really HAPPY! It really was my main reason for changing the way I do things, so that is awesome.
Thank you all for your kind and encouraging words! Have some ice cream this week and enjoy it without guilt, just have enough to satisfy and walk away proud of yourself for stopping when you have had enough!


Devon Redman said...

WAHOOOO!!! That is great!!! Thanks for explain the circuit training because I will admit... I was wondering. I am soooo proud of are a true inspiration.

Samantha said...

great job!!! are we having a diet easter dinner??? Just wondering because I have been pigging out/not working out because of finals and the next week and a half of my life being planned out minute by minute! I can't wait to get home with you guys all this summer, get outside and get healthy all at the same time!!!
XOXOX keep up the good work!

KRoderick said...

Great work girl!!!!! KUDOS!

Lisa said...

Girl I am so proud of you. I slipped a great bit and fell back into old habits. That was until i was weighed when I went and donated plasma. OUTRAGEOUS... so I am getting back on track. To be honest you do feel better when you eat to live and don't live to eat.... keep up the good work