Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Its true I am a blog stalker!

Ok, so I have to confess I have become quite the blog stalker and even been known to steal from time to time... from blogs!
I love to read blogs.. well written ones anyway. I was trying to figure out where this sudden obsession came from and I realized that it really isn't that sudden at all. I have always enjoyed a good cooking blog looking for new meal ideas and ways to do things in the kitchen differently. I enjoy reading my friends blogs to keep up with their families and the latest happenings. Lately though I have been all about blogs to do with decorating spaces. Since I have a new home to decorate I am so enticed by well written decorating blogs. I love the country/rustic look and my new home will handle that style well. Lots of ideas have come from some well written ladies all over the country who sadly enough we will probably never meet. My other blog stalking obsession is coming from a new hobby of mine, wines. I have always enjoyed a great glass of wine, but in the last six weeks or so my enjoyment has led itself into a thirst for the knowledge of wine and what wines are good with what dish, where are the best wines from, etc... My friend PB over at the Wine Cask Blog is a wonderful and vast pool of information and I am grateful to have his opinions and his blog at my disposal.
Blogs are wonderful and you can stalk in your comfies, with a glass of wine, and if you don't like your new acquaintance you can just click away and there are no hard feelings. In the off chance you find a great blog you can stalk away and no one looks at you like your a creeper... unless of course its your teenage daughter or husband who sees that you have spent well over an hour on a certain blog!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Here I am!

Sigh... contentment. I am sitting here in our new home in an overstuffed chair, in front of the fireplace, drinking a cup of tea, snuggled up with a new throw I received for Christmas while I finally get the chance to come back to one of my great loves, writting in my blog. I have missed this so much.

Lots of things have happened since I last wrote. I just looked back at my blog and I last blogged in November of 2009.... that was two and a half months ago, how did that happen? I know how it happened but let me catch you up on what has been going on with the Johnson family. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and really enjoyed our little family. Our Thanksgiving festivities have changed alot over the last six years since my mom passed away. Lots of family members have left us either through death or by choice. That part sadens me. However, God has brought some new family and friends into our lives and we are so very blessed and happy. We went on our annual black Friday shopping day and enjoyed some bargains and some more memories :) Then we participated in our annual downtown Christmas parade, another family favorite tradition. It was truly a time to be thankful for all that God has blessed us with both in the obvious and the not so obvious ways over the past year. Then we come upon December. The twins had their first acting debut at our church in Angel Alert! They were awesome and I was so proud of them. I'll post pictures soon :) Austin sprained his left ankle and had to be told that he would be out of basketball for the season... tough blow for my guy. Kendra continues to juggle school (both home and at the public school), a job, friends and her boyfriend of almost two years :). As for us, well we had been living in a bit of uncertainty since October. We were looking at moving to a home in Vassalboro that friends of ours owned and had mentioned to us that they would like to have us live there. We were so excited! Finally a home with enough room for all of us and some land to run and play on too! Did I also mention that it is 2 miles from my best friend and her parents who have adopted my kids as their grandchildren? Could it get any better... we didn't think it could! Well, as of the first of December, we still didn't know where we would be celebrating Christmas. Would we be at the apartment for one more Christmas or would we be in our new home to celebrate? Only a few more weeks of waiting would tell us for sure. The weekend BEFORE Christmas (those of you who have known me long enough know this had to have put me over the edge...)we moved into our new home! What an answer to prayer! We celebrated Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Years Day all in our new home with lots of room for entertaining our friends and family. I felt so very blessed and happy... God's timing is perfect even when we can't see it or feel it.
So there you have it... we are all settled in for the most part, and loving our new home. We are back into the swing of things such as school and appointments, music lessons and sports. And even though we don't know much more about our future then we did back in Novemeber, we did learn that God is stepping out in front of us and preparing the way and that is something to take comfort in no matter what.
Thanks for catching up with us! My time in between posts won't be so long anymore... I promise!