Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Birthday Day Times Two!!

Ten years???? Where did it go and where was I when it was passing me by? I know "they" say, "Enjoy it, it goes by so fast." But really, I had no idea!!

Here I sit this morning remembering where I was ten years ago today. I was scared out of my mind! My anxiety had the best of me. I had never before had a C-Section to have my baby and here it was happening to me. AND my sweet, steady husband was a wreck! So uncharacteristic of him... always the calm one, was suddenly nervous and worried about his sweetheart and his two sons being in an operating room. We made it to the hospital, covered in prayers and love and we were as ready as we would ever be to welcome these two little guys into our lives.
The delivery went as good as we could have prayed for, one of my little guys didn't breathe on his own right away and the other decided he really didn't want to come out just yet and had to be "forced" out (bet you can't guess which one that was???). When it was all done and I was in recovery I had but one goal in mind and that was to see and hold my boys! Oh, how that day seems like just yesterday... not in a proverbially way, really it feels like yesterday.

In these ten years, as a family, we have experienced so much. But these two boys have always been such a bright spot in our home. They truly did complete our family and officially made us a half-dozen family! Each one of them has strengths and they are so generous with them. Both of them are sweet and kind with soft and tender hearts. They are each other's best friend and their biggest cheerleader! And before you think we live in a perfect world (hahaha), they can also fight with each other better than anyone else too!! But at the end of the day, they love each other and they really are wonderful boys.
My heart is sadened a bit today, as I realize that my days of having babies and little boys in my house is coming to an end. But I am also excited and hopeful to see what God has in store for these boys as they become young men and more importantly, men who follow God. I know my mom would have loved to celebrate this day with us and I know she would be so proud of them, of us all.

Happy 10th Birthday sweet boys! You are so very loved and I am so humbled to have been choosen by God to be your mommy. Thank you for what you add to my life and those who have taken the time and the love to be invested in your lives. You both are truly a gift!

I love you both,