Thursday, August 11, 2011

A brand new year...

No your calendar isn't wrong, it isn't January. Its August, one of my favorite months of the year. Since its my birthday this week, I spent some time reflecting and thinking about the past and the future and I am ready to make some changes!

Some of these changes are going to be smooth and easy while others might be more painful both for me and maybe even others around me. I want to be a REAL Jesus girl! Both real in my pains and journey and in my JOY! Making time for the people in my life that WANT to be REAL. I intend to spend more time with my daughter as she starts her journey out of my nest. I want to be at all my son's sporting events and be the loudest cheerleader there so they hear my voice in the stands above everyone else. I want to have time to sit, LISTEN and talk with my freshman son when he gets home and has stuff to share about his day I want to spend more time romancing my boyfriend of almost twenty years. When he reaches for my hand or to wrap me in his arms, I won't pull away to get back to cooking dinner or the kids are asking for me. Instead I will pause and relish the moment and enjoy the tingle and the butterflies he still gives me after all these years! I want to feel more passionately and love more completely. I want to be more spontaneous and "in the moment". I intend to let the over one hundred little ones that God has entrusted to me every Sunday morning to know that I love them and I know they are special because GOD SAYS SO! I will smile more when I am truly happy, looking for the blessings that I receive EVERY day as the gift that they are. I will cry and share when I am sad and hurting with those who truly ask and love me. I will spend time with my Jesus more than just once a day and work on making my time with Him relational and not just to say "there I did it, check".

So, changes are coming and if you my reader would do me a favor? Remind me of this post from time to time and check in and see how my changes are going? I'm sure I'll have lots to share! Happy Birthday to Me!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday morning...

Its a rare Saturday that I have time to myself. With four active kids, a sweetheart, a home to clean, and a job that I love... rarely do I get the moment on a Saturday to be all by myself. Blessed to have just a few hours to myself this week, I headed to my local coffee shop and as I sat down with my latte in the front window, I found myself sitting and watching people. The small family that came in excited to get "treats" both mom and dad as well as the kids :) The student working hard on the laptop. So many people coming and going on this weekend morning... busy, busy! The scene in front of me was the one that caused me to pause and actually start my blogging. Directly in front of me on the sidewalk this is what I see at the table:

There's a sweet, older couple sitting enjoying their coffee with each other on the sidewalk but its obvious that they are enjoying each other and their time together much more! They share laughter and smiles and they so casually reach for the other's hand from time to time and its like they have done this a million and one times a day. They have caused me to smile and my heart to swell this whole time that I have been watching their dance that they call "life".

What I love best about this is its like looking into my future... its like watching Frank and I from a distance and I am so excited to get there! To spend time with the love of my life is my favorite thing to do and I can't wait to grow old with him.

Happy Saturday friends!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Time Marches On....

..........marches on or runs at top speed past me? Hmmm not sure but either way it got away from me!Once again, my blogging took a back seat and I was simply unable to get things happening put into my writings and thoughts for you my friends and readers. To you S, my far away friend, know that I was trying to keep you connected by pictures and quick texts but I know you enjoy my writings more and I will do my best to catch you up quickly!

Let's see my last post was in April.... What has happened in our lives since then? Quick recap...

May brought a lot of spring sports for my blessings.... Kendra played varsity softball for the high school team. What a joy it is to watch her becoming a better athlete as the years go by. Even in pain, she gives it 100%, she is a picture of perseverance! Austin played on the Jr.High Baseball team and his team went undefeated and won the Championship game. He loves the game and continues to grow now past all of his family and most of his friends too :) Colby played recreational baseball for the second year and seems to be really getting the hang of the sport. Its fun to watch the twins developing their own interests! Cam played soccer with his best friend and really loved it! He sees himself as a really good player and his confidence is growing by the season. He is a wonderful sport and always congratulates and encourages his team mates. Saturday mornings were a treat for me too, I was able to spend each Saturday catching up with my friend over coffee and soccer! It was truly the highlight of my week. Vacation Bible School and meetings for that quickly started taking up lots of my time at work and at home. We finished our school year strong and were looking forward to longer days and evenings.

June brought us with lots of VBS work and meetings. We took time to celebrate Father's Day with my sweetheart and after some saving and extra work, we were able to spoil him and get him a flat screen TV! It was exciting for the kids and I to do this for the man we love so much and to let him know how much we love him and his hard work for our family! We took off and spent the day after church at Popham Beach with him and had a wonderful day just simply together.

July was ALL about VBS! It was by far one of the most amazing weeks I have ever experienced. Watching my specific prayers answered one by one. From great weather, to unity in workers, to enough supplies for the ever growing number of children that came to our church. Our highest day was 255 kids and I was over the top excited! God showed Himself in a big way and my life was touched and changed in a GREAT way! We also celebrated our oldest son's 14th birthday and had a lot of friends and family here to celebrate him. Austin is such a happy kid and a real joy in my life! He is getting ready to stretch out and leave the safety of our home and enter High School in just 4 weeks. Hard to believe but he is oh so ready!

So here we are in August. We have some day trips planned and some down time ahead of us before the school year gets here. Together with those I love most are now in my radar and whether its the six of us, just some of us, two of us out having dinner and drinks with our friends, or two families out enjoying a ball game or a day at the coast, its sure to be a great month and I am once again counting my blessings!