Tuesday, April 6, 2010

R & R

Ah, now I can rest a bit! I am sighing a bit sigh of relief. Did you hear it? Shhhh, listen. I bet you heard it then didn't you? I have been right out straight. More so then usual. I have been feeling pulled in all kinds of directions with feeling like I don't do any of it to the best of my ability and that stresses me out. Between my duties as a CM director, Easter choir and personal preparations for that, some family issues that just happened to "pop up" during the week leading up to Easter, baseball and softball practices, and being a mom and wife.... I was feeling so very overwhelmed and it didn't take long for it to start coming out with some physical illness symptoms. I had a headache that literally lasted for four days and I was so sick to my stomach. And of course with that comes the emotional binging that comes with me getting disturbing news... ugh!
This week is a new week though. The Kidz Easter Choir performed and did beautifully :) Especially the twins! We had a wonderful Easter dinner with family and friends, nice and quiet and simple. Now I get the chance to just sigh and breathe :) Yes its still busy but its all good! Running here and there with the kids is what I do best and I enjoy it all. So, I sigh, count all my blessings, and thank God that He has given me the strength to do what I do, the family and friends to put up with me while I do it, and for giving me the passion to do it all again the next day :)