Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weekly check in

Sorry, I just didn't get the chance to get this posted yesterday... had lots of household things and running around to do plus homeschooling :)

Anyway, I told you all that I would share good and bad and bring you along on the journey with me.  After my last week weigh in, I weighed in again on Tuesday just for the heck of it, and I had in fact met my goal and lost 2 more lbs for a total of 16 for the month!!! I was so excited and very humbled that God once again had to remind me that all things are perfect in HIS timing not mine.  Boy, its a good thing He is so patient with me :)
However, yesterday when I stepped on for my weigh in, I had stayed the same. Not sure why. A little discouraged for sure, glad that I didn't gain, and trying to figure out what I might have done differently that caused my weight loss to slow down? So, back at it yesterday and today and we will see what happens this week. Maybe if I can get outside on the track for some walking it might make a difference, not sure. Going to give that a try tonight after Frank gets home., if its not raining, LOL!
All in all though, I feel really good and am excited that my whole family is eating better. Some time when I have more of it, It will post a list of all the things that my family has given up and now they really don't miss it! They are troopers and have rallied around me and I am so grateful to them, all 5 of them!
Have a great week, April is on its way!!!


Devon Redman said...

Dude I am telling you it's the whole building lean muslce mass thingy that Josh tried to explain and I just yup...you started building that and that is why you plateau and then you start loosing again! I think that is a normal occurance and it will probably happen again...at least that was what I was told. But I wouldn't necessarily change anything that you are doing because you are doing great! As a wise person once told me...keep your head up!!

Samantha said...

16 pounds is nothing to be discouraged about!!! Remember to keep variety. You can't just walk every single day because your body gets used to it adapts... not burning as much. Try going for a bike ride if you can! From what I read that is one of the best workouts, and you can barely tell u are burning tons and tons of calories! Keep up the great work!!!!!

Bev said...

16 lbs. WOW, Great job! I am so proud of you and the rest of your family!! Love you!

The Johnson Punkin Patch~ said...

Thanks Girls, I needed the encouraging words!!!

KRoderick said...

Move forward to tomorrow and seek out variety in your work out and food. YOU KEEP GOING GIRL! You are amazing.