Monday, March 9, 2009

My Monday update - week 2

Ok, so we finished week 2 and we are really feeling the difference! Both of us are doing really good at keeping within our calorie count and we are starting to not feel so hungry now that our bodies are realizing that we don't need to overstuff ourselves to feel full!!  Frank did have to up his calories a little bit since he wasn't getting enough and ended up most evenings feeling very hungry. That makes him happier and me too :) We both have lots more energy and just our moods in general are up and light! Such good changes have been made in just a short time.

So, I weighed in this morning and was so pleased to see that I had lost another 3.5lbs!!! That's 9 total in 2 weeks!!! I was so excited, I didn't expect that much because we did allow ourselves a couple of "treats" this weekend, but I guess my hard work is paying off.  I am walking on my treadmill daily and hoping to get up to a run in two weeks, we'll see. Also, saving to buy that Wii Fit so hopefully will get that by the end of the month too to help with some more arobics and strength training. Either way, it is just so nice to have the energy and the drive to get up and get going. If nothing else that is the benefit of this that is making me the happiest!
I can't tell you how much Frank has lost. He didn't do a beginning weigh in so he isn't sure. He just knows that his pants are looser and he feels so much better. That's good enough for him right now!
So, bring on week 3! Here we come and we are more eager to get into it then before :) 


Samantha said...

Wow Auntie!!! what a good job!!! I am really proud of you, all of that hard work will pay off. It was nice to get back in the gym today after my week off. Can't wait to see you!!!!!

Devon Redman said...

Keep up the good work!!!!

The Johnson Punkin Patch~ said...

Thanks girls! I appreciate the cheerleading :)

Devon Redman said...

Did you seriously just call me a cheerleader? hehehehehehe

KRoderick said...

YOU GO GIRL! Tell Frank to keep it up also...Proud of you

Lisa said...

You know I haven't weighed but I do see a defference. I haven't tried to go on some crazy diet or wierd stuff. My big thing is wathching the portions and my biggest habit to break is eatting at bedtime.... GOOD JOB!!!!