Saturday, March 28, 2009

My favorite Five's of this Fabulous week!!!

Happy Weekend to all of you!

I waited until this morning to post my blessings of the week, because, I had a feeling that my dear sweet man and I would be spending some much needed time together last night and if that did happen I didn't want to miss it as counting it as one of my blessings :)
  • Having lunch with my sister! We live so close to each other but don't have much time just the two of us to have time to chit and chat! It was one of the best moments of my week! I love you Bev!
  • Being given the gift of a husband, my life partner, who sees me as perfect. Just the way I am, no flaws, physically or emotionally and loves me to the fullest extent possible. My love tank is very full this week. Thank you babe, for giving me this gift!
  • Asthma medicine! My Cam suffers with horrible asthma and this week has been bad. I am so thankful to live in this country where medicine is readily available and to watch to color and energy come back into a little boy once oxygen has returned :)
  • Being part of little Kaylee's first year of life. Watching her grow and change is a constant reminder that God has plans for this messed up world and every day is a chance for all of us to grow and change for the better. Plus she loves me and I love her so much!!!
  • My children! How blessed I am to have children that everyday say " I love you mom" without prompting from me. They just love to say it. And man, do I love to hear it!
Hope you all are feeling the blessings that God has put into your lives! Look around and focus on these things... they aren't coincidence, the are gifts and blessings. Be careful not to take them for granted :)


Samantha said...

I've been waiting for this!! hahaha I seriously checked your blog like 35 times in the past two day (I'm a little bored) I am also thankful for that asthma medication! It's that time again boo!

Devon Redman said...

Will be saying some extra prayers for Cam tonight! Hugs to all!

KRoderick said...

Love you! Thanks for sharing your uplifting moments...they are appreciated. Hugs to the family and I will stay away with this BAD cold, one thing I DON"T want to share.

Bev said...

I enjoyed getting together for lunch too! It was the highlight of my week (next to spending time with the twins on Thursday night, of course). I love you and appreciate you soooo much!