Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

Yup, I missed it... my weekly Multitude on Monday post... so I am improvising with Thankful Thursday this week!

Having just celebrated Resurrection Sunday, I know we have lots to be thankful for. We had a busy, but really great weekend. The Faith Kidz Choir performed on Easter Sunday, and they did so wonderful! To watch these kids sing their hearts out, in complete adoration and worship of our Heavenly Father, caused me to tear up more than once and my heart was bursting with pride!

Easter dinner was spent with family and lifelong friends. As I looked around the table, I quickly mentioned to myself one thing about each of them that has impacted my life. Some caused me to pause longer than others, like when I looked at my husband. As he grabbed my hand under the table and gave me that squeeze that still makes my heart beat fast, I quickly thought about that first time we held hands at my parents house under the table. How time has changed us both, but how it stands still sometimes too. I paused while looking at my daughter. This woman who is smiling again and bringing joy to my life like she has done so many times in our life together. We have had a tough few months while she grows and stretches herself and I learn to step back and give her the room to do it. The love I have for her is uncompared to any other love I have for anyone. Each and every one at that table, had such a huge part of my life. Thankful didn't begin to describe my feelings right then and there.

Still not sure how I have been so blessed in this lifetime, but I know that I am and I have spent many moments with God thanking Him over and over again. The blessings are overflowing and I am loving having a weekly accounting of what those blessings look like! Thanks for reading along...


#74... spring flowers

#75... quiet time

#76... my daughters smile

#77... sunshine and warmth

#78... exercise

#79... new makeup :)

#80... My Jesus


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