Monday, April 4, 2011

Multitudes on Monday

Monday already? How fast can a week go by? In my crazy life, apparently pretty fast... I am trying to hang on for this ride but some weeks it just gets away from me and I end up looking a whole like this:
Its not uncommon for us as woman to perfect our juggling acts.. making sure all the people in our lives are happy, healthy, clothed, clean, and where they need to be. I for one, can get so caught up in it all, that I forget to take care of myself. I know, most of us do, but sometimes I really forget to stop even for a moment and catch my breath. So, this past two weeks I have worked specifically on just that, catching my breath. Interestingly enough, I am starting to feel better. Not sure if its the weather changing (although we did have a snowstorm on Friday), the time I am taking to do Yoga, the time I am spending with my best friend, or that finally giving more of myself to God and letting him sort through my "stuff" for me, but all in all, even though most of my "stuff" hasn't changed at all, I feel better!

So, my readers and friends, take some time for YOU this week. Even if its just a few minutes a day, take the time. I think you will be surprised what it will do for your whole situation. AND all those things and people that you take care of day in and day out, will thank you too... you'll be a happier and more relaxed woman and we owe that to them don't we? Hugs, Janet

#52... flowers, fresh cut flowers for no reason at all just because...

#53... nerf dart wars in our home.. actually the giggles it produces

#54... pleasure reading time

#55... hot showers at the end of a good workout

#56... yoga

#57... 2 Timothy 3:16 - thankful for correction and guidance

#58... my hard working husband <3