Monday, March 7, 2011

Multitudes on Monday

I missed last week being able to share with you the stuff going on here in the Punkinpatch. Our family has had one thing after another for the past two weeks and that has kept me from being able to sit and blog, and to be honest I was really having to purposely look for those multitudes of blessings. I never doubted that they were there, but when you are down in the mud and grim of life, its hard to have the energy to look for them and to recognize them.

If you had listened hard enough, you might have heard this sound in our home last week. Heart break was abundant here and it resonated itself from my husband and I completely down to the twins. All different reasons, but none the less, it was there and it seemed when I listened hard enough I could really hear the sound of breaking glass.

How this put into perspective once again for me what our decisions and lack of self control do to our Heavenly Father! When I think of the times that I do my own thing, say things before I think, and have lack of regard for how my actions might offend someone else... I am so very thankful once again for God's grace, because I certainly don't deserve it! As a parent in a rough patch right now, I can only try to execute a minuet amount of the grace that God shows upon me to our child and pray that through this, she too might become ever thankful for the grace of the One who loves her most.

People keep telling me this is only a season in my life and one day I will look back at it and see how we all have handled it and grown, for now I will continue to fall into the arms of my Heavenly Father and lay on the chest of my earthly husband and know that they do have my best interest and will catch me when I can't stand on my own any longer.....


#30... a warm home

#31... singing with 30 children in preparation for the upcoming Easter season

#32... people who speak the truth in love

#33... technology that allows me to have people in my life when it isn't possible to be sitting next to each other

#34... new recipes and ideas

#35... a giving and self-less husband

#36... my sister

#37... christian radio and music