Sunday, February 27, 2011


Such a wonderful gift... the people or events in your life that make you laugh! Even when I don't really feel like it, laughing is a wonderful feeling. You can't be angry and laugh at the same time.... you can't be sad and laugh at the same time... you can't cry and laugh at the same time unless the tears are from laughing so hard of course! The sound of laughter alone is enough to make me laugh. My children's laughter is one of my favorite sounds in this whole world. A fast cure to a bad day is a friend who can share something with me to make me laugh. One of the things I love most about my sweetheart is he knows how to make me laugh and I love laughing with him. I have great friends that my best memories of spending time with them is in side-splitting laughter sometimes over dinner in a local restaurant or over coffee or at our home playing a driving game on a video game system! Laughter is a wonderful thing, and I feel so blessed when I am laughing and with those I love most!