Monday, March 14, 2011

Multitudes on Monday

Happy Monday friends! This is said with a smile and a cheery voice just from my laptop to you! Not because I am feeling especially "Pollyanna" like today, but because I think we need to be encouraged by each other and so this is me doing my part.

(Mud bath!!)

This past week has been messy! No other way to put it but that... messy. Emotionally, physically, spiritually.. yeah we had it all. However, God is still in control and is still suspending the sun in the day sky and the stars in the night. There can be such a comfort in that if we would just take a breath and process that. That same God loves me, my husband, and my kids far more than this momma's heart can so when I am hurting, that God hurts too but knows there is so much more to the picture than what I can see in front of me and THAT is what I have to rest in. A close friend of mine told me yesterday, that in three months from now we won't even be giving this day a second thought. Just three months! Sure, there might be some repercussions still but the pain, panic, and heavy-heartedness of that moment will be gone and joy will have been found again in the in-between. AND I have decided to pray specifically that it would have made me stronger and more grown up in my relationships in all aspects.

In the mean time, I am still counting my multitudes of blessings and even with ALL that I have had going on, there were plenty to be found and more than once I was vocalizing my thanks to the God who gives more than this Jesus girl deserves in this lifetime!
#38... the way the Body works together to help one another
#39... while cooking dinner, the strong arms that wrap around me and make me feel 17 again
#40... piles of laundry because it means my house is full of people I love
#41... a working furnace even after having had a mud bath
#42... the small patches of bare ground that is starting to show itself from under the snow banks
#43... the three sensitive hearts of the young men that have been given to me to raise
#44... daylight savings... while I am struggling with the change in time.. I am loving the longer amounts of daylight