Monday, March 28, 2011

Multitudes on Monday

Det. 2:3

" You have circled this mountain long enough. Now turn North."

Seems like I have been circling for well over two months now. I am ready to be done and turn "North" or up, so to say. Most of you know that I have been working my way through the Made to Crave book and study. I have to say, that this is one of the best studies/ self help books I have read in a long time, if not ever. I have really taken a liking to the author Lysa Terkeurst, and feel like she knows me, personally. She is real, to the point, full of empathy and understanding, yet can hammer you over the head with God's truth in such a way, that you get it and get fired up and ready to make changes in your life. Really, if you haven't heard of Lysa or read anything from her, I encourage you to, I think you will love her too!

Back to my circling... there are some messes in my life. Yup, messes.. not something this girl likes to have. I am most content when everything is neat and tidy and when it isn't, not only is there a mess but I am one too. Praise God that He knows about our messes and love us in spite of them and just the same!! Yesterday, I was visiting Lysa's blog and she spoke specifically about messes. She challenged me with this thought:

  • Am I letting the mess define me or refine me?

If they are defining me - I will feel helpless....

If they are refining me - I will feel hopeful....

There it was my "Ahha moment" Why am I allowing these things to define me instead of refining me? I know God allows things to happen in our lives to bring us to Him to be REFINED... why haven't I been letting Him? I have been consumed with the mess instead of what God is teaching me through the mess. Ok, I read it, hear it, and now I am going to try to apply it...

Here's to turning North (up)!

Continuing in my multitudes of blessings for the year:

#45... a yellow rose plant that appeared at my office door from an unknown friend

#46... arms from a nine year old boy that find their way to my face to have me look him in the eyes while he tells me I am his best friend and he loves me most

#47... the thirteen year old young man who is so very protective of this mom and her feelings

#48... broken relationships (yup I said broken) allowing God to fix it in his time, not mine

#49... tanning beds :) here's to sunshine, quiet, and 15 minutes to myself in a locked room!

#50... for the first time that I can remember NOT turning to food to fix my messes

#51... Whipped Cream ;)



Samantha said...

Love this!! So true! I might have to barrow that book this summer. (Since I am very guilty of getting behind on my Bible in the year deal I made with Colby). That 13 year old boy is turning into a really good MAN! Loving him. And boy do I know what a blessing those tanning beds are, especially when it's 30 degrees in April!

Amy said...

#51 ;) <3