Monday, February 21, 2011

Multitudes on Monday

Gratefulness is abundant in my heart today! If you follow my blog regularly, you know that last week was a tough week for me full of highs and lows. I prayed hard this weekend that this would be a week where I would have some relief of some of the heaviness that I had been having and experience some joy-filled moments. Once again, my Jesus answered me in a big way today. My sweetheart had the day off today to spend with us. You see, he NEVER has a day off with us. God has blessed our family with a hard working man who knows his role is to be our provider and protector doing whatever it takes to take care of us, my hero and my man, he has great integrity and honesty and people know they can count on him.. especially me. Due to Presidents Day, he had today off and what a joy there was in our home to have Daddy home with us.
The day started at 9:00am for me.... yeah that's right I slept in our bed until 9:00am!! That's the latest I have slept in such a long time that I don't remember the last time. He was up spending time with the boys while I slept. Then he made us a wonderful and BIG breakfast! Pancakes, turkey bacon, eggs, and hash browns covered our dining room table and the smiles from our family were just as big. Then, yes ladies he is totally taken (insert grin here), he cleaned the kitchen and dining room up for me while I showered and actually shaved my legs without one of the boys even once knocking on the door to see if I was done YET???!
We took the boys bowling and had such a great time playing with our children. What fun there is to get out of the house and do something like that... with Daddy! And my sweetie and I had a little competitive "wager" on who would win the second game and well lets just say I will be enjoying a nice long back massage tonight ;)
He took us to Starbucks for my favorite drink treat and because I knew the trivia question answer, I received a shot of espresso in my latte FREE... oh yeah! Then we returned home, it was card games with the boys that brought more laughter, smiles and fun. Dinner was a success and some good old fashioned wrestling and horse play was had by all the boys while I watched and hoped this moment in time would remain in my mind forever.
Such a great Monday and my prayers have been answered... for today my heart is full of contentment and gratitude and there is no heaviness to be found. Only love and thankfulness here! Thank you Lord for your gifts and blessings on me!
#24... the way my husband fathers our sons, teaching them to be men among men
#25... Starbucks, oh how I love thee
#26... a card sent to me with a gift card to my favorite book store with instructions on spending time on and with myself
#27... makeup and lotions
#28... laughter and private moments with a girlfriend who knows me well enough to know that is what was needed to make the hurt, hurt a little less
#29... Proverbs 31 and LT :)


SavedthruLove said...

oh praise our King for such a heartfelt and warm day with your earthly King/Husband :). We are royalty in our saviors sight so it is rightful that a man should provide and take His leadership role seriously. I'm glad that the Lord has blessed you so abundantly and I pray as well to be that proverbs 31 woman to my Husband some day. Lord willing