Monday, January 3, 2011

Reviewing 2010 and Looking Forward to 2011

How did it happen that I didn't update my blog since October 2010? I just looked back at my blog drafts and I had 12 drafts that I didn't get to finish between my last blog and today....I think life has had me pretty busy, don't you? So, to make this post not too long but in order to catch all of my readers up to date on our lives, I am going to do a brief listing of what we have been up to since the end of October and then let you know some of the things I am looking forward to in 2011.

Since October I/we have:
  • My sweet husband gave me my Christmas present early and sent me away on a mommy-break with one of my best girlfriends to New York City! It was the best gift he could have given me this year. We did all the typical "touristy" stuff, saw the sights, did the shopping, and the eating. We saw Mary Poppins on Broadway, my sweet friends life-long dream and made our way over to Carlos Bakery in New Jersey, home of the TLC show Cake Boss... a dream of mine for a long time! This was a trip I will never forget and am oh so grateful to have experienced it with one of the most wonderful girls I know. Thank you sweetheart for knowing just what I needed even more than I did!
  • At the end of this trip, this same girlfriend and I joined other women from our church and I attended my first Women of Faith Conference in Hartford, CT. What an amazing experience this was! I laughed, cried, had my heart broken only to have God start healing it, and got to know some women from my own church that I didn't know well at all. The speakers were amazing and the worship team that lead over 10,000 women in praise and worship songs was the most amazing thing I have ever been apart of. I can only imagine what Heaven will be like! I know this was not the only WOF conference I will have attended in my lifetime, that's for sure!
  • We celebrated Thanksgiving in our home in Vassalboro for the first time. What a blessing to have our family and close friends here with us. We had lots of room for everyone to hang out and play games and it was such a great meal. The family time was the best and most important part and the memories made will last a lifetime!
  • Just after Thanksgiving, I weighed in twenty-five pounds less than I was in September.
  • We decorated our home for Christmas right after Thanksgiving. We had 5 Christmas trees and soft white lights lighted our home most days and evenings well into the New Year. We had get-togethers with friends and family over the holidays and enjoyed getting to know each other better and celebrate the true meaning of CHRISTmas!
  • 2010 came to a close with a huge get-together with lots of friends and family! New Years Eve was a home full of special people sharing good food, laughter, games and memories of the past year. It couldn't have ended any better than being kissed by the boy turned man who has had my heart for the past twenty years
So, that brings us current. Let me list a few things I am looking forward to and some goals for me for 2011....
  • Every other month, inviting friends over to our home to share dinner with us and get to know them better.
  • Blogging at least twice a week
  • Monthly date nights with my boyfriend
  • Watching our children grow and move into new areas of life this coming year
  • Continuing to get physically healthy! Being a lighter weight, buying smaller clothes, and actually running on the roads this spring.
  • Starting a new Bible Study
  • Learning contentment... in all things
Thank you all for your friendship and love that you have shown to me and my family this past year! We are so blessed by knowing all of you and we are excited to see what happens with all of you this coming year! Happy New Year!!!