Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Once upon a time....

I am a sucker for a good romantic story, so when I was rethinking the last 48 hours of my life, it sounded something like this:

"Once Upon a Time, there was a man who worked so very hard day in and day out. Seven days a week he worked for those he loved most, his bride of almost seventeen years, his only daughter, and his three knights in training. While the loves of his life missed him dearly while he was away, they loved him so very much for being a man of integrity, hard working, and dependable, knowing it was for them that he had the rough hands and aches and pains that he wore very much like the ratted jeans he stepped into each morning on his way out the door. On this particular day that starts the new week, he arose early to assist his bride on her job that takes her away from their home a couple of days a week. He takes care to be sure she is all set, from making sure she has food to making sure her coffee is just right. They work side by side without anything verbalized. You see when you know someone as long as these two do, no words need to be spoken. Glances, body language, and love speak louder than any words ever could. He heads off to his second place of employment and works long, hard hours in the cold air. His job requires him to be in the cold air and work with water all while having a smile on that handsome face and being a pleasure to all he comes in contact with. After his time card has been documented and his feet are placed into his ride to home, he heads to the grocery store to pick up a few items his bride asked him to so that she could be at their home, staying warm and snuggling with the three knights in training. It seems to her that it is a long time before he arrives, but he does and her heart beats a little faster when she hears his footsteps in the doorway. He arrives like a little boy all tired and dirty from working hard out in the elements of weather and from it being the beginning of the week but having had no time off to rest. He bring her a card telling her how proud he is of her and how much he loves her and thinks of her through out the day. Her heart melts and for a brief moment they are seventeen and eighteen again.
The following morning, life is back to more of the same. He arises and pulls on those jeans and wears the aches and pains once again. His face is both sad and happy at the same time. Sad to leave those he loves most again, yet happy that he is blessed enough to have a house full of love. He heads out the door and kisses her with a kiss that lasts all day long, on purpose, he needs her to know there will be another for her when he returns later on after the sun has set. He meets up with her at their eldest knight in trainings basketball game and in a crowd of people, his eyes meet hers and she is the only person in the whole gymnasium. He cheers for his son with pride and when the game has been won and is complete, they head to their home and settle in for a cozy evening. However, the youngest of the knights, is weepy and pale. He lays on his mother, this mans bride, and he is worried about this young man. The youngest lays between the two people he knows love him most and this man who has worked so hard for so many days partners with her and takes care of him regardless of how very tired his bones and earthly body are. Their glances meet and love is exchanged. While she holds her youngest in her arms, the man places his hand on her arm to let her know, he is worried too but believes in his Father who loves him more than even she does. The night is long and there are many tears but the sun rises with a resting knight and his momma sleeping and the man again puts on his ratted jeans and aches and pains and heads out of the door. Life continues and time wears on him but he is oh so blessed and in love with his bride of almost seventeen years."

This story is still being written and I pray there are so many more chapters to this book. The point of my story is this. Romance wears many faces. From the card for no reason to holding a bowl for the youngest child while he is sick. I love him and I can't imagine my life without him walking beside me and carrying me when I need it most. I love you sweetheart!


Dawna said...

Men of integrity are hard to find this day and age. Praising God for Godly husbands who provide in so many ways for their families... praying blessings upon you and your precious household today dear friend.