Monday, January 31, 2011

Multitudes on Monday

What a treat it has been to sit and not just seek but CRAVE the many gifts that God is sending my way now that I am asking Him to show me even in my everyday life! This season in my life is one of wonder and awe... I feel like a small child in school and can't get enough of the things I am learning. Part of me feels infantile and weak, but I know that is Satan working at trying his best to keep me from the truth. The other part of me is wanting to sit and listen and read and dwell in His presence all while feeling like He is sitting right there in the living room beside me. Really, is it any wonder I can't get enough of that? God's timing is perfect and I am so pleased that at this time, a time I morn the loss of my friend, my mom; that He is closer to me than I can remember and for that I am so counting my blessings!

#12... being able to buy 2 size smaller jeans!

#13... creativity... both mine and those around me

#14... technology

#15... answered prayers for friends and family

#16... peace

#17... children who truly are hiding God's Word in their hearts

#18... grace.. God's mostly, but also those who I have wronged or offended and their ability to show grace to me. Also, my ability to exercise it on those I love and care about and want to show Jesus to.

Hugs to you while you seek out your own multitudes of blessings this week!