Monday, May 4, 2009

Tying it all together!

Wow, what a week! I have had the opportunity to have every emotion known to human this week and yet somehow managed to make it out on this side of it with just a few scratches, bruises and knicks. God put me through my "paces" this week and alot of it was painful, but through the pain came some really great moments of feeling loved, protected and appreciated. God is good no matter what and I know that He is having me travel this road for a purpose and I will be happy to see what changes He will make in me in the near future, all for His glory and purposes.

Health wise I am feeling really great and learning new ways to keep moving and exercising my body. We have started walking trails around the central Maine area on Sundays as a family and we are really enjoying that. This morning at weigh in I am official at 24 lbs less than 11 weeks ago, YIPPEEE!!! I love to watch that scale moving lower and lower. Although that is a motivator, I am slowly learning to just enjoy the moments that I have and make the best choices that I can for the day, eating to fuel my body to keep up with a very busy schedule. It seems to be working, as I know that I am officially also 2 sizes smaller than I was just 11 weeks ago! I am sure that I could be more hard-core about it but I like this slow losing and it really seems to be working for the whole family which as I told you before was very important to me.
As mentioned before, my blessings came on the "heals " of lots of pain and hard work this week. Blessings, I have determined aren't always big and grand, out in the open, look at me kind of moments. Lots of times, especially lately, mine are quiet and small, private really only to me at the time. I do love to share them with you weekly, hoping that reading some of my moments might encourage you to look around your life and look past the negatives and really focus on the positives that God blesses you with. All that being said, enjoy reading my bountiful blessings from this past week :)
~ My very dear friends and family who have stepped into a rather uncomfortable situation to care for me and my children. Putting aside all thoughts of themselves, they have sacrificed their own time, comfort level, and feelings to just be there for me and I couldn't begin to thank them enough for what that has meant to me. Friendship really is defined well in the Bible by words and examples and these ladies (and one special Pastor) have lived this out in front of me and I am forever blessed by this.
~ My children! What a blessing they are to me.. daily. God has given Frank and I such sensitive and spirit filled kids. Knowing I am struggling, the extra effort to listen and obey and the unprompted hugs and loves are just what this mommy needs. 
~ My partner, my husband, my gift, Frank! Wow, does this guy have a lot going on in his life. Not only is he working long hours, but going to school three nights a week. Homework takes time as well on most other nights, yet he doesn't miss an opportunity to be there for me and for his children. I think of other close friends husbands and know that God designed Frank just for me! 
~ Fresh fruits and vegetables!! What a great item to spend my grocery money on! The kids and are experimenting with new fruits and vegetables that we haven't tried before and we are loving it!! So glad that the Farmers Markets open this week :)
Meeting new friends and learning new things about people. Working with children, I don't have much time to get to know adults :) I am enjoying getting to know some of the parents of the kids in our program!
~ Girls night! Had the chance to rest and relax with my best friend, favorite niece/bf and my too quickly growing up daughter!!! Dinner and a girly movie! Good times and well deserved and needed :)
I am going to end this with a prayer request for this coming week. I ask you to pray for me as I continue on this rocky journey of dealing with feelings and emotions that concern some family of mine. This year is my 6th year of missing my Mom being here on Mother's Day. Its a really hard week for me and this other situation is sure to make it that much more stressful. Please pray that God would comfort me and sustain me during this week!
Love to you all!


Devon Redman said...

You know I got your back girl! Praying for you always! Hugs!!

KRoderick said...

great week behind you and fresh week ahead.

Samantha said...

I think you should have been thankful for avocados hahaha