Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bragging about my son....

I have the best son ever! Now that I got that out of the way, let me give you an example of why I think that :)
I have been having a really rough time as of late, dealing with a family issue concerning my father. It has been tolling on the family and really draining me as of late since we have been forced to see him at sporting events in the area. I have struggled with what to do concerning my little boys and how best to protect them and their little hearts at such a young age. Prayer is my only outlet for these feelings as most days I can't even put them into words to share with those closest to me. Well, as it would turn out, Monday I was forced to tell them the truth about their grandfather and it really was awful. It led to lots of questions, silence of internalizing, and finally in bed with tears, both the boys and I. It was to date one of the worst days of my life. 
Since Monday, I have been really wondering if I had done the right thing, telling them and hurting them in that way. Tuesday wasn't much better and Wednesday was just as bad. I had to work Wednesday and due to Kendra's schedule, Austin was left to watch the boys for a little while in the afternoon. When I came home to get changed for Austin's game that evening, there on my pillow was a note:
"Dear Mom I would like to give you this note in return for all the games that you come to and all that you do for me and to say how sorry I am about you having to tell the boy's about him and it's true what Colby said at least we have Mimi and Bampy and loving friend's like the Redman's. I know I can't imagine what the pain is that you feel but I know it's bad. So please remember that you have me and Kendra and even if the boys' don't know very much about it they can still be a comfort to you.
Hey, by now I know you are sad so call me in and I will do any of these attached...." (he attached coupons that he printed that stated he would do _____________ without whining or complaining).
See how he can just melt my heart???? With all my doubting about my mothering abilities or lack thereof, this is my gift. I love him and his sensitive soul so much! Thank you Lord for this little man with a great big heart for me and for others, truly you have blessed me!


Samantha said...

the is such a good kid! awww i love him!

Devon Redman said...

Awww...Austin...what an amazing young man his is becoming. I love you all!

KRoderick said...

a moment to cherish forever...what a loving MAN!