Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bountiful Blessings!

Although the start of the week was tough with dealing with more family issues and such, the week turned into one of the best I have had for quite some time! Blessings for the week were bountiful!
~ My children who know just what to say at times when no one else does to make me feel better! God's biggest blessing to me were the days that I become their mommy!
~ A sense of humor! The ability to laugh and laugh often, usually at myself! Laughter is good medicine :)
~ Time in the van with the boys! We sing, and laugh and act silly and I absolutely love these moments of uninhibited fun!
~ Spending time with friends. Whether over coffee, chatting on line, dinner, or seeing each other out and about, these times are precious and too few and I hold them dear to me and look forward to the next time we are together!
~ A Godly man who loves me unconditionally in spite of my short comings and continues to support me in all ways and in every way. I love you, Frank!

Looking forward to another blessed week, hope that you are too!!!


KRoderick said...

Love your blog photo...Lots of smiles and hugs

Devon Redman said...

Hugs to you all!! Keep looking up because that is where all the answers are!