Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Got me thinking!

For those of you who don't already know, this is the youngest and furriest member of our family, Erin. Last night, she decided to head out on an adventure on the local golf course! Out of love for people she found a lady who brought her to the clubhouse and the owners called the local Animal Control Officer who then brought her to the local Humane Society. We found out where she was but not before a house full of tears and anxiety over where our lost family was. She had only been gone for a little over two hours but caused lots of turmoil, and heartbreak in that time. Just knowing that she was inside and not out wondering in the woods was not enough either. Some of us didn't sleep well knowing that she wasn't safe and sound where we could be with her. Little boys woke up with her on their minds and hearts wondering how much longer they would have to wait to love on their little furry friend. The hours seemed like days until the time came for us to call and find out when we could pick her up. Finally, we were all reunited. There were hugs and loves all around and lots of "I missed you" and "Don't ever run away from us again", and "Weren't you scared not being with us baby", and "You look so tired and sad". Reunions with loved ones, even our furry ones, are wonderful!

Once the hustle and bustle had subsided, I took time to sit and let my mind wander as I let the summer breeze wrap me like a warm cashmere blanket. How devastated must our Heavenly Father be when we walk away from Him and His will for us? Over the years, I have walked away from Him so many times.... sometimes for part of the day, other times for a week here and a week there. Even years have gone by that I lived only for myself and not thinking at all what His will for me was. I was living in the moment for the one I loved most, ME! During these times, I knew I was wrong, and when I came back I was so very sorry but often for myself. Walking away from God always brings me pain and I am so repentant for walking away because of the consequence of it, either in my life or how it affected someone else. If I did think about how disappointed God was in me, I dealt with it by telling myself, "God loves me in spite of what I do". Today it hit me just how much we must actually hurt, cause pain to the One who loves us most, when we walk away, eager to explorer the area around us, away from the One who is there to love us and protect us. This brought pain to me, actual pain to my heart! I pray that the next time I go to walk away and "explorer an adventure" I remember this moment in time where I thought bigger than myself and my selfish ways. Here's to hoping!


Devon Redman said...

Great blog! I find myself feeling the same way when I am disciplining the girls...when it hurts me because of their actions or attitudes towards me...imagine what my attitude does to a Holy God...can make my stomach turn!