Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer has come to an end.....

Summer 2010 has officially come to end here at the Punkin-patch. We made the most of the wonderful and memoriable but short time that we had. There were beach trips and concerts, amusement parks and hiking, landmarks and lighthouses explored. New friends were made, old ones were visited more frequently with. Interesting hobbies were started, weekend campfires burned into the wee hours of the next morning. Baseball games were attended and local fairs provided us with entertainment only seen in Maine. Fruits and vegetables made wonderful gifts for us to enjoy long into the cold Maine winter. Relationships were mended and hearts were broken, and romance happened out under the stars on a swing made for two. Teens filled our home and our hearts most weekends with laughter and little boys crawled into my lap at the end of the day to be kissed by their momma like they were kissed by the sun. A boy became a teen man and started leading his brothers into new and unexplored land on our property. Tears were wiped after boo-boos happened both on the inside and the out.
Now books, paper and pencils replace bug spray, beach toys, and picnics. Excitement is here for a new year of learning, friends and routine. My calendar is awaiting new adventures and memories and I am so very blessed and it is all so very good!


Bev said...

Thanks for including me in some of those "memory making moments"! I love the half doz Johnson's SO MUCH! I look forward to sharing more moments throughout the seasons.