Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Internal weeding......

Got myself some weeding to do! Not outside in the yard but inside...not the house... although that needs some attention too.... talking about inside myself in my heart. The place that only my Heavenly Father gets to see. I knew this was coming for some time.... I have been working hard at quieting the Holy Spirit's voice, ignoring some scripture and signs that have been pointing out just where the weeds are.

While some of these weeds are easy to recognize and take care of, others not so much! Knowing that weeds are sin some can be so easy to spot in my life others disguise themselves behind other things. Jealousy and being self centered, laziness and procrastination, and unkind thoughts all can mask themselves and even be hidden because it isn't always shown on the outside of ourselves.

I am praying today that God would continue to show me my weeds in my life and help me remove them permanently and when they do start to show back up that I would recognize it and yank those babies out right away. I want my garden (life) to look full, colorful and healthy not full of nasties :)


Devon Redman said...

This is what Alyssa's and my devotion was this morning!!! Exactly!!

Dawna said...

Oh my Janet... what an inspiring blog post. We could all do some internal weeding before those roots set deep and infiltrate our entire garden. It is so easy to let things go and we may not see the effects of the weeds right away until after some watering and a little sun an entire network of weeds have overtaken the beauty and splendor of that which God was trying to grow in us. I will be joining you on this weeding adventure my friend. Offering up prayers for strength and wisdom as you carry out this honorable task.