Sunday, August 22, 2010

Catching up!

Ok, so do you have your cup of coffee or tea? I just brewed mine so we can catch up together over a cup. Sit down, grab a cozy throw, your cup of warm happiness and lets chat!

Since May, we have been so incredibly busy here as a family. I'll fill you in on me personally in a few:) May and June kept us running with baseball and softball. Kendra played for the varsity softball team in Waterville. She played outfield this year and really came into the position. The team didn't win many games but it was fun to watch them play and to watch Kendra make some new friends. Austin played for two different baseball teams. He made the local school team and played for a recreational team in Waterville. He loved it! What a great job he did juggling two teams, two coaches and sometimes two games in one day! Colby decided to give baseball a try this year too and learned alot. He tried all the positions and decided he would like to do that again! Like music to this mommas ears, if you know me, baseball is my favorite sport to watch! Cam hung out with me being the best cheerer ever. Kendra and Frank started church softball and we continued being on the go most nights.
School finished and I dove deep into VBS planning. Old friends came to visit, it was great to catch up. July enters and we work hard on getting a float ready for the local 4th of July parade and VBS starts. How awesome to work with fellow believers for the purpose of reaching kids for Christ! I really LOVE my job! We had a great VBS week with over 200 kids coming all week long and over 25 of them asking Christ into their hearts. It was so overwhelming and deeply humbling to be a part of it all.
Finally, our summer began. You see until after VBS is done, we aren't able to do much summering so with as much fun as it all is, we were excited to start our summer. So off to the beach we go, playgrounds see us more, ice cream stands get some of our money, and weekend campfires with friends start happening more. My sweet boy turns 13 and I start to feel old :( Life is flying by and we seem to keep moving along with it. There are days that I am awed at how we do it all, and yet we do. We are just finishing up our official family vacation and that makes me both grateful and sad. Probably most feel the same way.

How is your cup, need a refill? I do :)

Ok, now for me personally. I ran and ran around getting this kid to this field, and that kids to that field. Keeping everyone organized and going in the right direction is very important to me. I want the kids to always know that I am here for them and that I can and will do whatever is in my human power for them. I continue to be stretched and learn more and more about myself. My walk with my Savior is stronger than ever, my marriage is stronger than a year ago, I love my kids more each day, and my friendships are becoming more and more important to me as I get older. On my birthday this year, I took time to look at areas of my life that I wanted to either change, leave behind, work harder on, or finally start all together. I have a good idea of what I need at this point in my life and am committed to making it happen. I am blessed and while things are tough for us from time to time, I am learning about what is important. I am a year older, and realize more and more that time is flying by and I have wasted so much time over the years and I can't get that time back. What I can do, is change what I do today and plan what I do tomorrow. Make a difference in managing my time and energy. Slow down the pace a bit, and if I need to be busy, let it be something that will matter and count.

I have been gone from blogging and hope to make a change in that. I love to write and think aloud and share our life with you my friends! I hope you had a chance to catch up. I enjoyed both my cups of coffee and our visit! See you soon....


KRoderick said...

you inspire me!