Monday, March 8, 2010

Lovin' Life!

Things I woke up thinking about this morning.....

  • The sunshine coming in my window put an instant smile on my face!
  • My hard working husband pitter pattering around the kitchen making sure to be quiet to not wake any of us knowing we need to rest.
  • My body aching from my new exercise routine. Although I am aching, I know it is working and that believe it or not made me smile!
  • The eight year old boy snuggling next to me is growing up fast, but having these few precious moments with him are timeless to me and I tear up thinking about them ending soon.
  • My overachieving daughter heading out the door to her CP Bio class at the local high school. She is working so hard at so many things in her life. I am so very proud of her and know that my time of parenting is coming to an end and needs me more as a friend and a mentor then she does a mom right now.
  • My other eight year old enjoying teasing his older brother! His laugh is contagious and you can't help but laugh with him even if you don't know what he is laughing about. God gave me this boy to remind me to laugh much and often.
  • My sweet and serious twelve year young man who is finding out what kind of guy he wants to be. He doesn't like how he is seeing people treat others and he doesn't like to hurt other people with his words or actions. Thank you God for giving him a sweet spirit!
  • The way that my husbands kiss goodbye still melts me and gives me butterflies almost 16 years later! Thank you God for a loving spouse to walk beside me in this journey we call life.

As you can see, my mind was working immediately upon eyes opening but it was all good and I didn't want to miss one moment of it! Life is good today!


Lisa said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT. you always inspire me!