Friday, March 19, 2010

Best week ever!

Yup.. that about describes it! We have had an amazing week here in the Johnson house. Not at all because anything monumental happened but because it was a great week, that's all! The sun has been out all week and warming up our home. The boys have been playing outside all week too and that makes for very happy and tired guys by the end of the day. Princess and I have had lots of chances to sit on the porch in the sun and talk, this is memories I will keep with me for the rest of my life! My sweetheart and I have had the chance to walk together and talk about stuff, how precious that time has become in this very busy life that we live. We really are enjoying our new home and all that the area has to offer to us!
We celebrated St. Patrick day in true Johnson traditional fashion, complete with a well planned leprechaun trap designed by the truly crafty 8 year olds! Nicely placed and well thought out, we set the trap and waited.... those leprechauns are tricky and got by us again this year, but didn't disappoint us and left gold wrapped chocolate and gold glitter to let us know he had stopped by :) I don't know how many more years this will work but for now, I am enjoying watching their team work and the childhood excitement that they share. On a side note, I said as much to my sweet man and the Princess was walking by and said "Mom, as if! I am going to be 17 this year and I still wait to see if we caught him." I have mentioned how much I love her!
My sweet young man participated in a baseball clinic this week and is really excited about playing ball this spring! Apparently he made an impression on the coaches during the clinic. He participated in a clinic from a town near us and more than one of them asked him what town he was from :) We are looking forward to seeing him play and improve this year!
Health wise, I am feeling awesome! I am working out 5-6 days a week, noticing small but important changes in my clothes and such, and have lost a total of 12.4 lbs in a little less then 3 weeks. More importantly is my energy level is soaring and my emotions are just about as high! My wonderful love made it a point to tell me he likes how happy and full of energy I have been the last couple of weeks! He gives me the best compliments :)
So all in all, best week ever for no reason at all but really all the best reasons... 5 of them to be exact! Hope you are all doing well too! Enjoy your weekend friends :)


Samantha said...

glad you had a great week!!