Monday, March 1, 2010

Wonderful week- end and a wonderful weekend!

What a great end of the week (week-end) and weekend we had! We started off getting together with friends on Friday night at the local Mexican restaurant. I was a little bit nervous since I had been so careful all week with what I had to eat and watching my calories. I wanted to make sure that I made the best choices possible as well as knowing all too well that I would be enjoying some Mexican beverages and knowing that would put my calorie count up. Just the same I determined to go out with my sweetie and enjoy the night and not over-think anything especially the food! It was a wonderful evening and I really enjoyed spending time with my best friend and catching up with two other wonderful girl friends. I got home and baked 8.5 dz. chocolate cookies to go with the two pans of brownies that I needed to take to a basketball tournament early Saturday morning. Saturday I got up early enough to get a workout in and out the door by 7:3o am! Off we went... grocery shopping, work at the tournament selling concessions, and getting Kendra to work. Then it was time for me to go and have lunch with the lovely WPG girls (my neighbors)! What a great time I had hearing the stories from these ladies (all of which were in their sixties and one was eighty-four), they had such a wonderful connection and I was so honored to be a part of it all! Then I rushed home to get ready for an evening of fun and games at our house. I made a from scratch minestrone soup. It was so yummy and most seemed to enjoy it! Followed by a great game of boy vs girls Guesstures game. The girls won of course but there were too many moments of pure belly laughing... another ab workout for the day, I'll take it! After our friends left.. it was on to getting things ready for Sunday morning. Sunday morning came early, actually the same time as usual but I was dragging... playing the last two nights had caught up to me. Off I went to worship with and serve the kids of FEFC and before long was right into routine. We had a great morning and by 1:00pm I was ready to get home and relax! Oh, my dear sweet friend T found me a wicker porch set so that perked me right up! Woohoo! The rest of the day and evening was spent doing nothing else but snuggling, loving and resting. It was just what we all needed. A great night of rest brought me to this morning. Up I rise with a new energy and ready to get the day going. Laundry in.. check, homeschooling started... check, beds made... check. On a role! Now, for the dreaded workout and weigh in! If you read my previous post last Monday, you will know why I was anxious about the weigh in part. I knew that I had cheated some but tried to be careful, worked out 5 out of 7 days, and didn't drink soda or eat after 800pm. So off to the Wii I head with a prayer that God would allow me to look at whatever the results may be, with a clear head and heart and no misconceptions of what I am trying so hard to lose of myself. I was so thrilled to see that I had lost 5.3lbs! Imagine what it would have been without the little cheats I had along the way... not focusing on that... soooo grateful for the loss!
So to wrap it up, we had a wonderful, busy weekend and I was so tired but it was so worth it. And the fact that I can get back on track this morning was exciting to me. I just might find myself looking forward to Mondays again :)


Devon Redman said...

Congrats!!! You are doing a great job! And that soup was oh so yummy!

Samantha said...