Monday, March 29, 2010

Fail.... epic fail, as Cam would say!

My sweet eight year old has a new saying, "Fail... epic fail". Not sure what that even means but Webster uses these definitions:
1. ommision of occurence or performance specifically a failure to perform a duty or expected action.
3. a falling short
Officially I fit the Webster definition and feel it in every part of my being today. Actually, like a rash that slowly spreads itself, I have been having this feeling off and on all week and it came to a nasty full body covering last night and today. Today seems to be the worst. I don't know if it is the yucky rainy weather we are having or just that everything seemed to collapse on me today but it is by far the worst today. I can list it all for you, I made a complete list while in the shower a few minutes ago... I have failed at being a Godly wife, a Godly mother, a caring friend, a Godly CM director, I am currently failing at my committment for a healthier lifestyle for myself, a homeschooling mom... the list seems to go on and on. I do realize that these are thoughts completely provided curtosy of Satan himself, but none the less, they are real and right now they are seeming so big and out of control.
Here's to hoping tomorrow is a better day at the least it is a new one :)


Samantha said...

AMEN!!!! the kids were wonderful! and your hard work was noticed by everyone!!! love you