Thursday, August 27, 2009

From school, to sports to season changes.....

It is that time of year here in the Johnson home... Fall is just around the corner and with it is coming the start of a year of running everyone here and there and being straight out busy. Ok, so if you know me at all, you are thinking or even saying out loud, "when isn't the Johnson family right out straight and busy?" Good point, but this time of year seems more so to me than any other!

This morning I am sending Kendra off to the local high school to take two classes this year. She really wants to go into nursing when she gets done school, so she really needs to get her college prep. Biology done where she has a lab. Then she needed to get her foreign language done too, so we thought we would send her to take that class there too so that she was there for more than one class and make it worth her time to be there. I will homeschool the rest of her studies and happy to do it! I wasn't ready to let her back to that world again for the whole day, just wasn't. I am so glad that she put that off for another year :) Can you imagine my happy dance? She is running for the school X Country team and seems to be enjoying that. However, practices everyday after school is a little tough and will be more so when there is also homework involved! Oh, and did I mention she turns 16 in twenty days and is also sending in for her license...EEEEKKK when did my baby get to be that age? I need to stop this!
Austin is playing football for the local junior high team. This is the big boys and man, I worry about him! Not that he isn't big enough, have you seen him lately? He is 12 and 5'4" and 104lbs and getting muscle! But he is still my "little" boy and is still as sweet and sensitive as ever. He is excited though! His practices are also right after school with games on Tuesdays. This guy has no desire to go to the school for any classes and is more than content to stay right here with mom teaching him! I love him!
The twins are growing up too fast. I can't believe they are almost 8!! They begin soccer next week and are so excited to get involved again. Did I mention that their practice is also on Tuesdays and their games are at 8:30AM on Saturday mornings????? Ok, seriously who does that? The boys will be fine, and I suppose I will too once I get my drive thru coffee to prop my eyes open! Homeschooling is their only choice at this point. Some day that might change when they are like 18! No, seriously, we will give them the same options as the older two when they are in jr. high.
We made the most of the short summer we had. Lots of beach trips, exploring new places and getting together with lots of friends. Looking back, I know that this summer is one to be remembered as my time with having all four kids with me is coming to an end. Kendra is a young adult and getting ready to be gone from me more and more all the time. I know that is the way she was designed and I am proud but that pride comes alongside sadness of what once was.
We officially start school Tuesday, September 8. It's going to be a crazy - busy year but we're excited and ready to go! Bring on the cooler nights, fall colored days, apple picking, birthdays, football games and earlier bed times.... we're rearing to go!


Bev said...

I love this blog! I experienced so many emotions as I read it. Thanks for sharing your gift. I love you and the rest of the Johnson family. I am a very proud aunt.

KRoderick said...

Let the games kidding! What a great time of year! Love ya guys