Monday, August 17, 2009

Always, sometimes, Nevah Evah.....

I saw this fun little ditty at a new blog I found last week called Under Grace Over Coffee! It was quite entertaining and made me smile so thought I would share too :)

- take the time for a hug from my little ones no matter what I am in the middle of

- kiss my sweetie good night, ALWAYS

- sing in the shower

- put on lotion both before bed and every morning after my shower


- push things to the back of the fridge for Frank to clean out because I have such a bad gag reflex

- have random dance parties in the car when I am driving

- ignore the phone if I don't want to talk to whoever is calling.

- feed my kids breakfast for supper

- delete emails from people if I know they are just forwards


- eat lobster even though I live in Maine

- go to bed without locking the doors and making sure everyone is tucked in their beds

- leave my bed unmade

- refuse fresh fruit. Seriously.

- say "nevah evah".

Let me know if you play along so I can see what you always, sometimes and nevah evah do!