Monday, October 4, 2010

I saw God this week....

This week I was looking for God... purposely looking for Him around me and in my life. This is where I found Him...

~ On my walk, the colors in the leaves and the quiet whisper in the wind
~ My son's face when he was hurting from a fall out of the tree
~ When my home-schooled children burst out singing praise and worship songs while doing their school work
~ My one on one time with Him in the mornings, He showed this seasoned Christian woman some new and exciting things this week!
~ My Ipod
~ My friends, who showed unconditional love and genuine concern to me
~ My daughter's laughter
~ In the mirror
~ My husband who disciplined one of our children, apologized later for his shortcomings, and pulled him into a hug
~ The 100+ kids who call me Ms. Janet
~ In the darkest hours before sleep and first wake up
~Coffee :)
~ A brief but meaningful conversation with a fellow struggler
~ Blogs
~ My lover's unconditional love and admiration for me

He's there... God... he's there just waiting for you to see Him and feel Him. Look for Him on purpose this week, seek Him out. He wants you to!


Bev said...

I saw God in you this week! Thanks for sharing your God sightings!!

SavedthruLove said...

i see God everyday and today I have seen him in your blog! thank you for being authentic and open my dear. I see God so much in life and it is the times where I don't see him that I should be focusing on looking for him. :)...