Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bountiful Blessings~ Better late then never :)

So behind the ball this week! We are still functioning in screech mode here in the Johnson family.. and when we aren't screeching somewhere we are so tired that this momma can't keep her eyes open long enough to be on the computer to type my blessings out! So here goes what has been floating around in my head in the blessing compartment of my brain:

~ Watching my son Austin and his team win their major league baseball division! Finally he gets to be on a championship team!! He had a great season and it was fun to watch him develop more into a great athlete! Great job Austin, mommy is so proud of you!
~ Getting to take the boys to the lake last week. It was a beautiful day to be on the water with a picnic lunch and I enjoyed watching them play together as 3 brothers. They love each other so much and it was fun to watch that in action.
~ The Faith Kidz Carnival! It was a wonderful day and it was so great to celebrate the day with the families of the Faith Kidz :) The weather was perfect, the team of workers were perfect, and the families are still telling me that they had a great time! More rewarding than all that is the reasons that we were able to do this. The kids memorized their monthly verses, brought their bibles to church, etc! How great to celebrate with them in this way!
~ Spending time with my BF, Devon! We were able to spend some time together this past week and it felt so good to be with her :) Even though it was working most of the time, it was fun to just be around her and laugh and talk! She is so good for my soul! Thank you God for your gift of her friendship.
~ Lessons that I am learning. They are quite painful actually and I am struggling with most of it, but I do know that when I am at my weakest, God is able to be the strongest and I rely even more on Him which I know is His desire and design.
~ A card that a sweet friend in our church sent to me this week! Timing is everything and this lady doesn't even know what is going on with me, but she was thinking of me and all that "must be going on with how crazy things are in Faith Kidz and I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you and your family". God is so good to use His people in such ways. The little things mean so much in times like this!

Keep looking up and your blessings will come down!


Devon Redman said...

Right back at ya sis!! Big hugs, kisses and loves!!! I love you lots!!! Always here for you my BFF!