Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring Fever

Ok, its official I have it, Spring Fever... and I got it bad!!! We are headed for March and I am ready, more than ready, to get going and get things done. I was remembering back this morning while on my treadmill, and pretty sure ever since I was a little girl, the end of winter seems so long to me and I get very antsy and ready for Spring to get here! Its funny to me, the changes that occur so quickly within me. I am ready to get cleaning done that sat all winter for lack of energy to get it done. I am ready for lighter foods, fresh fruits and veggies, walks outside with my loved ones, homeschooling to allow us more time outside instead of at the table working with all the lights on and windows closed. I am ready!! My Sweetie and I started "spring cleaning" our bodies this week by throwing away the junk and eating better. What a difference just that has made in 4 days. After the first couple of days of grumpies, we are feeling much better, we even smiled at each other last night :) hehehe! I also have made it a point to have my Pandora Worship music on all day. It helps lighten my mood greatly and the kids and I are all running around here singing and praising, What a blessing! 

So, bring it on... Spring we are ready for you and have lots of plans! Can't wait to see you and all that you will have to offer us. Thank you God for giving us four seasons to enjoy your Creation!
Happy Spring to all you lovelies!!