Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wow... where have I been?

Oh yeah, I remember! I have finished my first year of homeschooling, started a new job, Co-Directed a VBS, went on a family vacation, taken some day trips with my kids and started homeschooling again, all since I last wrote, phew no wonder I am tired out! Seriously, God is good and He continues to shower us with blessings beyond my imagination.

All in all, we are really doing well. The kids are busy with school, sports, private music lessons and such. Kendra turned 15 in September and is waiting to start her drivers ed (yikes, I can't have a kid old enough to drive yet can I?) the end of this month. She is dating a really nice guy from our church and he is really good to her and they are enjoying their first relationship together. Casey fits right in with the rest of the boys in this family and the little boys like having another "brother" to beat up on and wrestle with! Austin is in 6th grade and is currently playing football. He is growing taller by the day it seems and the girls are starting to notice what I as his mom has always known, just how handsome he is! The twins continue to keep laughter and joy in our home. They will be turning 7 this month and the countdown is on! They are doing really well in school. Colby loves math and Cam loves to read... it amazes me all the time that they were in my womb all at the same time and yet are so different... God proves His power to make all of us unique for His purpose all the time with these two. They both play soccer and love the chance to run and socialize with their friends. Frank has gone back to school two nights a week. He finally got his chance to move into a machining position at Mid State! I am so proud of him! He stuck with it and waited for the Lord's timing to be perfect and here we are. He will take classes through Nov. 2009 and then will have a degree in machining. This allows him to move to another company easier if ever necessary, as well as make more money at the place he works now. He continues to amaze me with how he juggles work, school, youth group events, and still finds the time and energy to be an awesome husband to me and daddy to our kids! What a blessing he is in my life! I continue to homeschool the kids and work 20 hrs for our church as children's ministry director. God is bringing me through my own trials and tribulations and is definitly bringing me into a place of pure submission to Him. We have great friends of ours that have so gracefully reached out to us to bring us into their family and for this we are eternally grateful. Nona and Ken have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and have recently stepped in to being the grandparents to my kids and filling a void that was so needed. Their daughter Devon and I have quickly become best of friends and God knew I would need this in my life. I have become Auntie to their two little girls and I couldn't love them more if they were mine. Devon's husband Ryan is a great friend to all of us, especially to Frank who has been needing a "guy" friend for some time, again God's timing is perfect and He knows us better than we know ourselves especially our needs and desires.

I think that about catches us up to date! I am really trying to get better about writing things both to people in form of email and cards, as well as journaling more. So, I will add this to my list and hope to write more even if its just a little thing about what might be going on at our home and in our lives!
Thanks for checking in and catching up with us. I pray that this finds all of you well and that God is showing himself to you in a new and special way at this time in your lives!


Lisa said...

I am so happy to see you back. I have one turning 15 in January... GEEZ i feel your pain. Take care of yourself

The Johnson Punkin Patch~ said...

Thanks! I just kept putting it off and finally had the chance and took it to get some writing done!
Hope all is well with you....they grow up fast don't they?!

Devon Redman said...

Love ya lots!!!

Nona said...
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Nona said...

We love being a part of your lives and grandparents to your children. Love you, Nona Q