Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sometimes I'm a little slow....

God has been showing Himself to me in so many ways lately that it seems hard to keep up and to be honest even a little overwhelming at times! I am so grateful for His timing and the way that He reveals Himself to me, but often find that I get down on myself for being so "slow and mentally challenged" (LOL) and at times that I can be so thick as to not get the point!
I have been reading some devotional pieces from Proverbs 31 ministries over the last couple of weeks. There was a challenge posted from one of the writers to read and study for the next 6 weeks - 3 women of the bible per week. I have always been intrigued by the women of the biblical time and why only some of them are chosen to be part of "HIStory", I mean there were plenty of other women of that time I am sure that never made the headline stories. So, I was eager to start this study with other women around the world that also signed on to participate. So far we have read and studied; Eve, Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Leah, Tamar, and Potiphar's wife. Wow, have I been shown some really interesting things about all of these women! Probably the biggest trait that all of these women have in common (and I can sooo relate) is taking things into their own hands, not allowing God's timing to be perfect in their lives. I so understand this. I struggle with this same problem/sin and I hate it about myself and beat myself up regularly about it. I know in my head and most times in my heart, that God's timing is perfect, BUT I still take things into my own hands and make choices and decisions in the NOW and suffer the consequences for them later on and most times it isn't good, ugh! I then have to ask God for forgiveness and try again. While I am a slow learner, I am starting to get it, little by little. I truly am a "work in progress". Good thing my God is patient with me!
The lady that is leading this study is Rachel Olsen and she had this to say in one of her blogs:

"I want to remind us once again as we read these women’s stories, that God uses the imperfect actions of imperfect people to advance His perfect plans for humanity and eternity. If we stop to consider that fact a moment, and how it applies in our own lives, I think we'll go through today feeling quite grateful that He does."

And this is what gave me hope this week and I hope will give you some too! Our God is good and He is patient with us when He can see that we genuinely are seeking His will and ways in our lives. Thank goodness!


Devon Redman said...

I am in the same boat you are about being a little slow...I don't know how many times God has showed me that He is in control and not me BUT I still insist that I am the one in control. I am slowly getting better with myself but then having to give control of the girls over AAAHHHHH!!! I know that He will make the best choices for my stills takes me a little bit...a lot of holy smacks upside the head :)