Monday, March 17, 2008

Chatting with Cameron...

This past weekend was a really busy one for our family.. more so than usual. To add to the excitement of it all, Cameron, ended up developing a full body rash as well as some asthma attacks. He was fine, but still needed a break from it all and spent some time alone with me at home in a cool bath to try to relieve some of the itching and redness from the rash. During this time he and I had one of those chats that only Cam and I seem to have! I love these moments and I am sharing with you so maybe you can chuckle too and have a smile on us!

Mom: Baby, I am so sorry that you don't feel well.

Cam: It's ok, its not your fault. {{pause. in deep thought}} Mommy, I think that God forgot that He gave me that asthma part.

Mom: No baby, God doesn't forget anything, He knows everything remember? And God didn't give you asthma as a punishment.

Cam: Ok, well I guess He just doesn't remember giving me the asthma part then.

Mom: Cam, what is an asthma part?

Cam: Mommy, you know what it is. It's just like my arm, and legs, and foots and....

Mom, Oh, ok Cam I get it {{ smiling and hugging this very thought provoked little 6 year old}}

Thanks for reading and hope you laughed a little!