Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Back to blogging! (again...)

Really, I do, love to blog! If only I could get more time to do it... so I have decided to put it into my calendar! Crazy, you are probably thinking. But if you know me at all, you know that I live by my calendar and I go above and beyond to keep my schedule. Yup, I am a schedule keeper! So, if it's in the calendar, you can bet it's going to happen. It's what I started doing two weeks ago in order to get exercise in. Whether it's yoga in the morning, gym in the afternoon or a run at night, if I put it in the calendar, I tend to get it done! So blogging has it's own place in my calendar :)

Quick family update: Frank is my hero and I love him more and more all the time. God
knew just what he was doing when he created Frank for me and I am a better person because of Frank's unconditional love and dedication to our family. Kendra is getting ready to fly out on her own in the next few months. College is in her vision and we are waiting to see which one she will be attending. Her senior year of softball is starting this week! I can't believe it's here, it feels like just yesterday, we were fitting her for a t-ball glove and cleats that would fit her little feet.... :'( Austin is growing by the day, and I mean that. He is a 6'2" freshman and has a heart just about as big. He is doing well in his first year of public school and is enjoying making new friends. He is settled into basketball being his only sport and loves anytime he can get a basketball into his hands! He lights up whenever he gets on a court and I love to watch him play. Colby is doing so well in his 4th grade year of school and is learning quicker than I can teach. He continues to be a sensitive soul and loves with all that he has. Playing outdoors this winter was a highlight and he was outside more than in most days. Cam continues to be my shadow and loves to be with me whether it is cleaning, watching a movie, cooking or shopping. I enjoy my one on one time with him. He loves to chat with me and I often have to remind myself he is only 10! He is a creative writer and I enjoy reading his work. Both boys played basketball over the winter months and are now looking forward to bike riding and spring soccer.
I am working hard at finishing up our year of homeschooling. I have lots of projects going on at my job and am struggling to juggle both homeschool and the projects due. I set myself some new goals at the beginning of the year and one of them was to make sure I take time for myself once a day. Sometimes that is 10 minutes, other times a full hour at the gym. I am doing pretty good at keeping to that goal and I do notice the difference in my attitude and ability to cope. If you are a mom, wife, or woman reading this, let me encourage you to do the same. It's necessary! All, in all, we are doing well and managing to stay on the course day by day, by the grace of God!

I hope this finds all our friends and family healthy, happy and determined to make the best of 2012. We'll chat more later!