Friday, January 23, 2009

Thermometer or Thermostat?

Which one are you? Ok, I know, crazy question and do you know how to answer it? I didn't either until the question was posed to me this past week in my quiet time. In light of the new year and the decision to make some changes in my life, spiritual, physically and emotionally;  I am reading a book in my quiet time about God's Power to change my life.  What an eye opener for me! But back to my original question. So that you can answer the question for yourselves, let me explain them both a little more.

A thermostat, controls the temperature. It influences its environment; it sets the standard. A thermometer registers the temperature. It simply reflects its environment, whether its hot or cold. Which are you a - a thermostat or a thermometer? Are we content to just be a thermometer, simply registering the coldness and bitterness all around us, or are we willing to become God's thermostat in our own homes and lives? As women, moms, wives, and friends we can make the choice to be used as God's thermostat and provide His warm love to all that we meet if we make that choice!  Hmmmmmm.....