Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another reminder of God's awesomeness!

Today I was again reminded of how awesome our God is!
I had to take my daughter Kendra to the cardiologist in Portland for an echo cardiogram. Last week at her sport physical they detected a murmur in her heart and wanted to be sure that it wasn't anything to be concerned about. It was a great day for us, the sun was out so the driving was nice, but more importantly, we had time to chat, really chat! We don't have that opportunity very often without 4 guys that we both love dearly being around to either overhear us or offer their own opinions, LOL! So that time in the car was a huge blessing to me! But what really was amazing to me, was that I was able to sit in the room with her while they were doing the sonogram and I could see her heart beating and providing life to her body and I was simply awe struck at all of the details of this part of God's creation. If you have never had the opportunity to see this, you are really missing out on something truly miraculous! The things we just take for granted, like this, your heart continuing to function one beat at a time to keep us going in our day to day! What an awesome God I serve!!!
At one point during the sonogram, they did an audio of her heart beating and I was quickly brought back to the day 15 years ago that I first fell in love with her and that sound! Tears filled my eyes at the thought of the gift she is to my life and many others.
God is good and He is awesome and we must remember to thank Him for all the "everyday" things in our lives. We don't deserve any of it, its all a gift of grace and love!


Devon Redman said...
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Devon Redman said...

Sooooo very true!!! There are so many details that God knew how to handle perfectly. Whether it is the beating of a heart, the synapses that have to happen just so you can blink, or the perfect sequence that has to happen when a baby takes his or her first breath (the ducts that close, the negative/positive air ratio exchange) JUST AMAZING!!! The human body that God created is a could that just happen from a big bang and evolve so perfectly??!!