Saturday, February 21, 2009

Plastic Knife

This week in my devotion time, I read a really great thought from the author of my daily devotion and I wanted to share it with all of you my favorite readers of my blog, hehehe! The only problem was, that I couldn't share it until I could put it to the test and I had the chance to do just that today.
The author said that, like me, she has never really had a great use for plastic knives. I had to agree with her, pretty much useless for cutting anything of any substance and even spreading things like peanut butter or jelly can be daunting at best with a cheaply made plastic knife. The author pointed out that she finally stumbled upon a use for plastic knives, and I became very intrigued! She found out that they make the perfect knife for cutting brownies.... WHAT? Now, those of you who know me, know that I am always ready for something that makes my creations in the kitchen come out even better than before. So how can this be that I have never heard of this before??  Now, this is awesome news, but what actually is better than this ( I know, can there be anything better??) is what she said after this discovery of hers that really made me tingle inside. Knowing that plastic knives have their own purpose, one wouldn't cut things like cardboard or potatoes or meat with them, they have their own purpose or gift and do anything else with them would be useless and a waste of the users energy and time. Well, guess what ladies? We all have the same purpose in our Creators eyes! We are created with special gifts and talents and we spend so much time misusing them and comparing ourselves to other women (especially).  Each of us has something to offer and use for His purpose and He is excited to watch us be useful for those purposes! So, your friend might be more organized than you, she might be more patient with her family, she might be a great hostess who has it all together on the drop of a dime, whatever! You are special too and have something to offer that your friends doesn't. Look inside for it, pray about it, and be ready to use it for God's purposes and He will be pleased, and so will you!!!
By the way, I did try cutting my warm brownies with a plastic knife, and sure enough, they came out perfect! No ragged edges, perfect squares, and not one bit stuck to the knife! Give it try and think about how God created you for His specific purpose!!


Samantha said...

Will u bake me brownies??? I really like this story =]

KRoderick said...

great, thanks

Devon Redman said...

Mmmmmm...the brownies were really good...I stole one before they were all eaten up. Austin was ssssoooo excited to tell me about the plastic knife...he barely made it to the kitchen island :-) Why do we as women compare ourselves to eachother instead of loving eachother and using eachother's unique qualities? Great word picture with a great lesson!